Sydney Opera House

19 04 2009


Still going through my images from my Sydney trip this year .

 Went down to the Sydney Opera House a couple of times as it was close to where we were staying in the CBD and  The Sydney skyline and Opera House would have to be one of my favourite skylines to photography besides the Perth skyline  .  Would have to be one of my favourite cities in Australia as well  , If i did’nt live in Perth could easly live in either Sydney or the Gold Coast .

The light wasn’t great while I was over there  so I tried some long exposures at night time . Did get a lot of people (mainly tourists ) come up to me while I was photographing the Opera House either they were intrigued in why I was panning up or wanted to check out the 5D MKII ,  also got a lot of comments from teenagers walking past say stuff like the ” bombest camera ” lol

While I was over there probally took about 24 gigs worth of images , The light wasn’t great for the whole trip but still got a few images which I’m saving for the website launch . Did manage to scope out a few locations to return to next time I’m over that side of the country .

 This was a 3 image vertical stitch .


Matilda Bay Vertical

12 10 2008

After reading everyones post on the light here for the last month and a bit ,  wasn’t planning on taking any photos this weekend. But on Saturday morning woke up early and had a look outside there was some nice clouds in the sky so though we might be in for a nice sunrise seeing as they have been pretty dull lately. Hadn’t planned on heading anywhere but quickly decided to head somewhere close, I thought of Matilda Bay boat shed for a re shot. There was a fair bit of fog covering the swan river early that morning as I drove to the spot, but the sunrise was a disappointment again dull and flat with no colour. Did see a pod of dolphins swim past the boat shed but.
This was one of the shots I took, was playing around with long exposures a bit with the nice moving clouds. Was a 4 image vertical panorama.
Hope fully were in for killer sunrises and sunsets soon 🙂